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Fri Dec 10 18:56:59 GMT 2021

James Powell asked:

> I'm curious, did Lois know when she wrote The Vor Game that Jole and Aral
> were lovers?  It seems like a heck of a character beat to sit on for
> twenty-six years!

Maybe, but she had other things to write about, so that seems perfectly
plausible to me. She may not have planned to write a book about Jole at
that time, but it would all be part of Aral and Cordelia's characterization
and story.

I remember at the time, or close to it, my friends were joking or
speculating that Jole might be Aral's boyfriend, and I thought, What? Did I
miss something? So I went back and read it again and thought, yes, well,

And then was thrilled when Lois spelled it out for us.

One think I wonder about, though: why did Aral not tell Miles?  Miles can
surely keep a secret. Miles was family. Joles was family.  It seems odd to
me that Miles was kept in the dark. Maybe it was because Aral thought it
wasn't only his secret to share, and the possible repercussions for Jole
would be too great. But it does seem odd to me.


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