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One thing I've learned from reading hisstory -- and not just historical
fiction -- is that a lot of things our era finds squicky were not a
problem, or not much of one, for people in other generations and other

A couple of months ago I read a biography about the Empress Matilda --
daughter of Henry i of Engliand, granddaughter of Saint Margaret of
Scotland, and mother of  King Henry II (and thus mother-in-law of Eleanor
of Aquitaine)*, among her other claims to fame -- who was sent to Germany
at age 8l, I think it was, to marry the Holy Roman Emperor at the time, who
was considerably older (30? I forget now).  The biographer did not believe
the marriage was connusmated, but such marriages among royalty was not
uncommon in those days. Those days being the 12th Century.

*Reminds self to watch "The Lion in Winter", one of my favority Christmas

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> > When the Sharing Knife books first came out, some readers were
> scandalized
> > by the age difference between Dag and Fawn.  Others of us, familiar with
> > older Harlequins & other romances, were more comfortable with the pairing
> > of a woman of 17 and a man who looked 35.
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> > I was one of the people slightly squicked out at first by the age
> > difference between Dag and Fawn. I think there are a lot of differences
> > besides just age! I'll just list a few that struck me.
> The huge age and experience gap is what I dislike most about Jane Austen's
> Emma.
> Mr. Knightley is a good man, but he was 16 when infant Emma was put in his
> arms.
> That just gives me an "ew"
> BJ
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