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During this period in Miles's life, he wasn't at home much. Gregor and Impsec had him off with the Dendarii, patrolling the spaceways.
I gather from texted that he was away for 6 - 8 months at a time; mainly returning for hospital visits.
This made it much easier to 'hide' Arals' romance with Jole.
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One think I wonder about, though: why did Aral not tell Miles?  Miles can
surely keep a secret. Miles was family. Joles was family.  It seems odd to
me that Miles was kept in the dark. Maybe it was because Aral thought it
wasn't only his secret to share, and the possible repercussions for Jole
would be too great. But it does seem odd to me.

Gwynne: Cordelia seems to hint that it was because Miles hero-worshipped
Aral so much, and killed himself to try to live up to that image - and Aral was
worried that this new perspective might be too difficult for him to accept. The
whole Cordelia-Aral story was the basis for so much - Miles's life, his
existence despite everything Barrayar thought of him, their love being the
pattern for his life, and Gregor's. The whole big glorious story. And to find that
it wasn't what he thought it was... that might rock his world a little too much - (
he'd always struggled a bit with Bel's attraction to him. Miles, at least for
most of his life, was very invested in being hetero, and seeing that as the best
way to be. (And you can't blame  him; his whole life was against all the rules on
Barrayar. To make up for just existing, he was almost fanatical about Barrayaran
standards in other ways, at least for his early life.)
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