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In my story 'Vor is -', I propose that punishments, even high treason, are sometimes handed to the miscreants' families. 
The family can decide on about anything - subject to the Emperor's review. I have one of the (minor) villains being exiled to a bleak spot in the district, to be a farmer.
This fits with the 'family' nature of Barrayarann society, ultimately it's the local Count who is responsible for justice.

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Executions on Barrayar... the question came up in a comment on a
story I'm posting at the moment.

We know that Counts, and Counts' heirs, who are convicted of treason
go to the posts in the Great Square.

There's a death penalty for other crimes, too - Vorhalas's son who was
condemned for fighting with two swords was beheaded, rather gruesomely.

We're also told that it's not uncommon, in fact almost expected, that
some condemned prisoners will take the self-help option, and that the
guards turn a blind eye to family smuggling in a few lethal pills. Or even
that sometimes the guards might help things along.

I have a vague memory of hanging - was that in canon or fanfic?
Frankly if it was me I'd either take the pills or ask for a neural disruptor

We also know that there's prisons, military and civilian.

But for those people foolish enough to commit the really big, bad crimes -
and earn the terminal sentence - is there any textev apart from the posts?

JH: I don't recall any textev either, not even hanging, and I've read all the AO3 entries. Perhaps elsewhere that I'm not aware of, or an AO3 I've forgotten? Maybe we can talk about it tomorrow at the Tea Party?
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