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 Gwynne wrote:
> Executions on Barrayar... the question came up in a comment on a
> story I'm posting at the moment.
> We know that Counts, and Counts' heirs, who are convicted of treason
> go to the posts in the Great Square.
> There's a death penalty for other crimes, too - Vorhalas's son who was
> condemned for fighting with two swords was beheaded, rather gruesomely.
> We're also told that it's not uncommon, in fact almost expected, that
> some condemned prisoners will take the self-help option, and that the
> guards turn a blind eye to family smuggling in a few lethal pills. Or even
> that sometimes the guards might help things along.
> I have a vague memory of hanging - was that in canon or fanfic?
> Frankly if it was me I'd either take the pills or ask for a neural
> disruptor
> blast.
> We also know that there's prisons, military and civilian.
> But for those people foolish enough to commit the really big, bad crimes -
> and earn the terminal sentence - is there any textev apart from the posts?
Karen Hunt responded:Quartering ? for desertion in heat of battle.
      The Warrior's Apprentice ch 9, Diplomatic Immunity ch 5
Public exposure and starvation ? for treason committed by a Vor.
      Shards of Honor ch 5,  The Warrior's Apprentice ch 9
Beheading ? for dueling and for armsman disobeying a liege-lord in combat.
      Barrayar ch 8,  The Warrior's Apprentice ch 5
Hanging ? for various offenses, including impersonating a military officer.
      The Vor Game ch 13, Mirror Dance ch 11
Unstated means of execution ? for impersonating an Imperial Auditor and for
attempting to bribe an Imperial Auditor.
      Memory ch 16, A Civil Campaign ch 12
Unstated means of execution ? for attempting to assassinate one's Count or
Count's heir
      Mountains of Mourning

Thank you, Karen, for digging up these proofs. I'd completely forgotten. 
Jane Hotchkiss


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