[LMB] OT: Tech marches on

Robert Woodward Robert_A_Woodward at comcast.net
Mon Dec 13 02:05:48 GMT 2021

On Dec 12, 2021, at 4:41 PM, Harvey Fishman <fishman at panix.com> wrote:
> In relationship to something said at the tea party: _Analog Science Fiction & Fact_ and _Asimov's Science Fiction_ are both published bimonthly by Dell Magazines, Norwalk, CT. _The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction_ is published bimonthly by Spilogale, Inc. in Newark NJ.

According to the February 2021 issue of Locus, about 51% of the Analog’s 18275 subscriptions were print. However, only 37% of Asimov’s 16643 subscription were print (note that it has more digital subscriptions than Analog). Locus didn’t have data on the number of digital subscriptions for the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.

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