[LMB] OT: why I couldn’t join the party, was: Tech marches on

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When we thought my mother would come home,  I had a lift chair bought in
from a charitable organization and went out and bought a elevated seat for
the toilet. When it was time to bring her home she fell into a coma. So she
never got to use them.

On Sun, Dec 12, 2021, 9:30 PM WILLIAM A WENRICH <wawenri at msn.com> wrote:

> There are seat risers that will help standing. When I had GBS, I had a
> seat that would fit over the toilet. It was higher and had handles that
> made it much easier to stand.
> Is there any at home service you could use?
> William A Wenrich
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> >
> > In relationship to something said at the tea party: _Analog Science
> Fiction & Fact_ and _Asimov's Science Fiction_ are both published bimonthly
> by Dell Magazines, Norwalk, CT. _The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction_
> is published bimonthly by Spilogale, Inc. in Newark NJ.
> >
> > Sorry I did not participate in the tea party, though I did watch and
> listen to it, but I could not get my camera to work.
> We had a lovely bit of medical emergency for my belle-mère so me being on
> the phone would have been brief.
> She’s back home with medication. Dementia and cognitive decay makes it
> difficult to say “I think I have a bladder infection”.
> She was getting too weak to get out off a seat by herself, wouldn’t follow
> instructions we gave her to help—none of us can dead-lift 125lbs/57kg, nor
> is there space for two to assist. She fell twice Thursday trying to get out
> of bed, injuring her right hand & wrist, knees most like as
> well—contributing to inability to rise.
> A. Marina Fournier
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