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Mon Dec 13 04:05:16 GMT 2021

Rayond said:

> I spent a week in New Orleans because of her books.

I spent a week in New Orleans because of the Dorothy Dunnett books (don't
bother trying to look
for a connection, there isn't one) and I have a clear memory of seeing Anne
Rice's house. I
confess, it was a bit of a highlight for me.

The first book I read by her was "Interview with the Vampire", which I
loved - it was part of
my brief vampire-fan phase, which included the Marv Wolfman/Gene Colan
"Tomb of Dracula", the Chelsea Quinn Yarbro books, and, of course, Stoker's

The phase didn't last long,  but it was fun while it lasted.

I did read a number of her novels, though - more than I thought I did, now
I look at her bibliography.  Somewhere around the time of The Mayfair
witches, I got bored - always liked her style more than her content. I
thought her best books were the historical novels.


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