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> There are seat risers that will help standing. When I had GBS, I had a seat that would fit over the toilet. It was higher and had handles that made it much easier to stand.

That’s true. Not sure about for the couch-recliner, but I’ll mention the toilet assist to Kurt. At one point early this year, a structure like you had over the commode was not found compatible.

There is a shower *upstairs* you’d think is great for mobility-impaired folks: precisely where they can’t get, up narrow steep stairs. In our en-suite bathroom, there is an odd—shaped room with just a toilet in it. The seat is too tall for me, but were it positioned differently would be ideal for a wheelchair user. Our tub is an oval soaker, (not for baths this drought year!) with the bottom being about 4” higher than the floor. Nothing to grab but the pointy granite/resin counter corner.

We wonder about whoever planned the bathroom layout & placement here. 

This company has other properties which are for seniors and those with mobility issues, but not with more than two bedrooms. There is a thought disconnect about seniors, the mobility-impaired, and who lives with whom. Three-generation housing is needed again.

> Is there any at home service you could use?

Not for less than $25/hr. I’m not on her financial POA, but her other son in KY is. Kurt hates that sort of administrivia, but I have perception/cognition issues with numbers. Inaccuracy flourishes around me.

I’m not on her medical POA because when she wrote it, I was usually in the same car. While that’s still true, her loss of cognitive function wasn’t a factor when she wrote it.

Until her finances are settled, we can’t ask for state aid for her.

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