[LMB] Lois-Bujold Digest, Vol 199, Issue 47

WalterStuartBushell proto at panix.com
Mon Dec 13 12:07:08 GMT 2021

> On Dec 12, 2021, at 8:37 AM, Karen Hunt <huntkc at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Then there’s the death by x number of cuts as Yuri experienced.
> True! A special Emperor’s-only law, there.

That may have set a precedent. Everyone up for a cut had lost 
relatives probably including blood relatives. All thing considered
a merciful death, considering alternatives like burning at the stake,
crucifixion, breaking on the wheel and so forth.

MD. MS. in Law Robert Lustig “If there’s a label on the food, it’s a warning 
label. That means it has been processed. Real food doesn’t need a label.”

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