[LMB] OT: why I couldn?t join the party, was: Tech marches on

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 13 13:14:20 GMT 2021

> Sorry I did not participate in the tea party, though I did watch and listen to it, but I could not get my camera to work.
We had a lovely bit of medical emergency for my belle-m?re so me being on the phone would have been brief.
She?s back home with medication. Dementia and cognitive decay makes it difficult to say ?I think I have a bladder infection?.
She was getting too weak to get out off a seat by herself, wouldn?t follow instructions we gave her to help?none of us can dead-lift 125lbs/57kg, nor is there space for two to assist. She fell twice Thursday trying to get out of bed, injuring her right hand & wrist, knees most like as well?contributing to inability to rise.
A. Marina Fournier

Gwynne: I hope that she improves soon. There are all kinds of aids for moving and
so on - do you have any that will help you? A body belt is good to help lift and move
people, or at least to steady them.
So many people think that being a carer means making cups of tea and tucking a
blanket over their lap, but it's pure hell in some ways. Not the caring, because of the
love you have for the person - I don't regret a second of it. But you have to make the
hard decisions. Mum hated hospitals, and towards the end, as she was failing, I had
to call an ambulance three times. Twice she came home again, a week or so later. It's
so hard having to make that decision, because the person isn't well enough to do it,
and knowing they'll hate it. And then you have to make the final decision, and it rips
your heart out. Being a carer isn't easy, physically or emotionally. But it's so rewarding,
too, when you can be with the person when they need you, and have precious time

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