[LMB] OT: why I couldn?t join the party, was: Tech marches on

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 13 13:25:08 GMT 2021

From: "A. Marina Fournier" <saffronrose at me.com>

That?s true. Not sure about for the couch-recliner, but I?ll mention the toilet assist to Kurt. At one point early this year, a structure like you had over the commode was not found compatible.

Gwynne: There's a simple frame that goes around the toilet, it doesn't include
a seat so it doesn't raise the height at all, it just gives something to hold to
stand up easily. They're generally not too expensive, and they do make a difference.
I'd also recommend a support belt, I don't know what they're called where you
are - it's a wide band that fastens around the person with velcro, over their clothes,
and it has a few handles on it. It's far more secure than  trying to hold the person's
arms or anywhere else you can grab to help them stand or walk.

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