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WalterStuartBushell proto at panix.com
Mon Dec 13 13:29:01 GMT 2021

> On Dec 13, 2021, at 7:59 AM, Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Gwynne: I’ve seen this in a few places, I so hope that it's true: Turkish coffee has been a mainstay of Istanbul ever since to the point where, up until the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, being unable to provide coffee for the household was considered sufficient grounds for a woman to divorce her husband.

See also Bach’s Coffee Cantata 

The female protagonist puts it out that she will not accept a husband who will not
promise to provide her with coffee and put it in the contract too.

As the historical Buddha said, “Hatred does not stop by hatred at any time; hatred stops only by love. this is an ancient rule.“ about 2770 BP (BP means either Before Present or Before Physics that is before nuclear testing made it necessary to adjust carbon 14 dating.

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