[LMB] OT: Tech marches on

Matija Grabnar lmb at matija.com
Mon Dec 13 15:39:54 GMT 2021

On 13/12/2021 14:57, Karen A. Wyle wrote:
>   What's really fun: dropping a stack of punchcards and trying to get them back in order.
> Karen A. Wyle (once the only female in a programming class)
>      On Sunday, December 12, 2021, 11:09:15 PM EST, Jean Lamb <tlambs1138 at charter.net> wrote:
Oh, that's easy: take a wide marker, flip the cards so you are looking 
at the long side of the stack, draw a diagonal, or a cross on that.
Then, if you spill the cards, you only need to recreate what you drew, 
and your deck will be in order.

That doesn't work, of course, for the cases where the deck is the only 
record of the program, and you file program by keeping decks in the closet.
I mean it works, but only until the first time when you have to fix 
something in your program.

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