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I’m sorry that COVID put a crimp on your plans. Congratulations!

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>On Fri, Dec 10, 2021 at 9:25 AM Marc Wilson <marc.wilson at gmx.co.uk> wrote:
>> ...A register office is the cheapest option, as you don't have to pay extra
>> to have the registrar attend your venue.
>> But (the two examples above aside), it's a binary choice - if you have a
>> civil ceremony, you cannot have any religious content, right down to the
>> choice of music.

>Choice of music?
>Is "traditional" wedding music considered religious?  A lot of
>pre-classical music was religious because that's where the money was.
>The "Here Comes The Bride"  processional wasn't originally religious, was
>it? more like opera.

Indeed - it's the wedding chorus from Lohengrin, so it's not *like*
opera, it *is* opera.  And the "Wedding March" is from Mendelssohn's
"Midsummer Night's Dream".

But you couldn't have "Ave Maria", for instance, or any recognisable
hymn (not even "Fight the Good Fight", ruining many wedding jokes).

As we had our "wedding" 24 years after getting together, and our 20-year
old daughter was one of the witnesses, we'd planned to have "You Can't
Hurry Love" and "At Last, My Love" - but in the end, due to covid, we
just had a minimal ceremony without music or any frills, and it was all
done in 10 minutes.

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