[LMB] OT: Missing the Tea Party, good news

Louann Miller domelouann at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 19:02:20 GMT 2021

This has been a multi-stage process for us. He took the driving
rules-of-the-road written test through an online company, and he wasn't in
a huge hurry about it. When he completed that, we had a few weeks' wait to
get an appointment at the DPS (department of public safety) so he could
present all his paperwork and pay the fee for his learner's permit. Having
done that, he then had to drive 30 hours, with one of us as Texas licensed
drivers in good standing in the car with him. He had to do a range of
specific driving tasks, which we documented on a log paper. 10 hours of his
driving had to be after dark.
Then he was able to take the road test with a driving instructor. Instead
of waiting again for a DPS appointment, we worked with a local driving
school. They gave him more official 'you passed' paperwork. We will be
taking him to the DPS office on Friday, as he works Monday through Thursday
now. We have to pay a fee, get another picture taken of him, hand over all
the paperwork and he walks out with his full drivers' license. I'm sure
non-USAns on list also know that this amounts to official Adulthood Papers
here. He's really proud and happy. So are we. You folks have known me a
long time. You know that there were some tough times in his younger years.
I wasn't completely sure sometimes that he'd ever be able to cope with
adult life. But here he is, working full time and driving and talking about
how to invest his paychecks. There will probably be college or trade school
down the road, too. We have Parented to a successful completion, and it
feels great.


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