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Mark Allums mark at allums.email
Mon Dec 13 22:02:27 GMT 2021

On 12/13/2021 1:02 PM, Louann Miller wrote:
> This has been a multi-stage process for us. He took the driving
> rules-of-the-road written test through an online company, and he wasn't in
> a huge hurry about it. When he completed that, we had a few weeks' wait to
> get an appointment at the DPS (department of public safety) so he could
> present all his paperwork and pay the fee for his learner's permit. Having
> done that, he then had to drive 30 hours, with one of us as Texas licensed
> drivers in good standing in the car with him. He had to do a range of
> specific driving tasks, which we documented on a log paper. 10 hours of his
> driving had to be after dark.
> Then he was able to take the road test with a driving instructor. Instead
> of waiting again for a DPS appointment, we worked with a local driving
> school. They gave him more official 'you passed' paperwork. We will be
> taking him to the DPS office on Friday, as he works Monday through Thursday
> now. We have to pay a fee, get another picture taken of him, hand over all
> the paperwork and he walks out with his full drivers' license. I'm sure
> non-USAns on list also know that this amounts to official Adulthood Papers
> here. He's really proud and happy. So are we. You folks have known me a
> long time. You know that there were some tough times in his younger years.
> I wasn't completely sure sometimes that he'd ever be able to cope with
> adult life. But here he is, working full time and driving and talking about
> how to invest his paychecks. There will probably be college or trade school
> down the road, too. We have Parented to a successful completion, and it
> feels great.
> Louann

Things were a lot simpler 40 years ago when I got mine.  I went in, told 
them that both my parents worked, and took the road test.  Passed, and 
was given a license (at 15).

At 15 1/2, I still had to take driver's ed, which was taught by the 
local high school to everybody.  I needed 45 hours of driving with the 
driver's ed teacher, who was the football coach, and two other students, 
and took the written at 16.  No need for a driving test, I had already 
passed it.  Was by no means ready to adult, yet.

Mark Allums

(Failed parallel parking, passed the test anyway.)

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