[LMB] OT: Tech marches on

Matija Grabnar lmb at matija.com
Tue Dec 14 08:27:32 GMT 2021

On 14/12/2021 00:15, Fred wrote:
> assuming a submarine was 1000 ft underwater, I wouldn't think EMP would be
> too much of a problem.

That is a big assumption. Yes, submarines, when in operation, spend most 
of their time safely underwater.

However, in the scenarios where a submarine is likely to come under 
attack from a nuclear weapon, it is either in port, or it has surfaced 
to communicate/resupply (water protects from so many things, but it also 
blocks radio, fuel and supplies).

In both of those scenarios you still want the submarine to be 
operational after the EMP.

Remember that the EMP travels much farther than the blast effects. I 
understand that one of the EMP scenarios is a high altitude/LEO blast 
that takes out electronics in a huge area that would not feel the blast 
at all, just see a flash.

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