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Joel Polowin jpolowin at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 16 18:56:43 GMT 2021

You wrote:

> My husband's a senior architect on the Siri team. Let me run your email
> by him.
> It may be possible--and certainly marketable--to have a specially
> programmed Home Pod (at least) for this application.

I'd like to know his thoughts on it.  A few years ago, I tossed the
concept at Mark Mandel, who used to participate on the list, because
of his being part of the "Dragon Naturally Speaking" development.
He felt that it was feasible, and that my assessment of the problems and
simplifying factors was correct.

> Joel, you are a humanitarian genius!

That's kind of you to say.  But... ideas are cheap; implementation
is costly.  This is an idea that I can't do anything with myself:
I don't have the skills, experience, or any other relevant resources.
And I don't have the cognitive ability to learn much at present; my own
illness, and caring for my wife, have me wiped out.  I'm frustrated by
my disability; frustrated that I've been sitting on this idea for years
without doing *anything*, while people have been hurting.  I feel like
I've pretty much wasted most of my life, having drifted away from the
chemistry research that I love into a career of software development for
a company for which my respect is gradually decreasing, and for the last
year and a half not being capable of doing even *that*.  I was a young
hotshot when it came to the sciences, but every major research project
that I've been involved with turned out to be obsolete by the time the
results were obtained.

If I can get this idea into existence, I'll be able to tell myself that
I really did make a useful difference in the world.


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