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>> I am embarrassed every time I have a doctor’s appointment and need to list my medications. I can never remember how to pronounce lansoprazole.

> Make a list and then print it out each time and take the printout with you and give it to the doctor. That is what I do.

When I see a new non-Stanford HealthCare physician, I have to produce such a list. 

I keep my list—drug, dosage, what it’s treating, and frequency—updated in my Notes app. No pronunciation needed, but I generally pronounce drug names better than the non-physician/pharmacist discussing them with me. Montelukast—need to hear the emphasis again.

Right now, our printer isn’t cooperating, so either I write it out or I show the list on the phone to Intake, if I haven’t been able to use a patient portal to send it.

The endodontist across the lot from my dentist said he wished all his patients would do this.

I still have to review meds at each visit, but I can tell the querent (no Tarot cards needed) what has changed, or state there’s been no change.

Less repetition. I hateloathe&despise doing admin things over&over.

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