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Raymond Collins rcrcoll6 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 23:44:12 GMT 2021

We're getting back to more normal temperatures. Right now it's 41F(5 C) and
cloudy that's just a few degrees above normal for this time of the year.
Sunset is 4:56pm it's 5:22pm already. I envy you going into summer but not
the brush fires. Down in Kansas there are several brush fires happening
right now. Sometimes when the wind blows from the south we get the smoke
which affects the air quality.

On Fri, Dec 17, 2021, 11:51 AM Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com>

> From: Raymond Collins <rcrcoll6 at gmail.com>
> We had our storm sirens go off White my phone and weather alert radio kept
> going off. But we lucked out, a few trees were down and no serious
> injuries.
> Gwynne: Ohhh that's too close for comfort - I'm glad you were ok.
> I'm getting ready for Summer, and the bushfire season - I had my roof
> cleared off, getting rid of all that leaf litter (damn gum trees.)  AND
> it turned out that the capping on the ridges needed to be recemented
> (the roof guy took pictures, and he was right.) So I had that done too.
> Weird side note - there's a few water dragons around my pond, medium-
> sized ones. But there's apparently a large one that lives on my roof (the
> roof guy took pix, the lizard was there on two days. And it was able to
> jump to the fence, so it wasn't stuck on the roof. Why would it live on
> my roof? There's no cover up there, from predators. And no food.
> Lizards are weird.
> As I say, we're getting ready for Summer, but we're in the middle of
> what the media keep calling a 'rain bomb', days and days of rain. Which
> I like, although rain and then hot and then rain again - you can hear the
> weeds growing. And thunderstorms are a bit of a nuisance around here.
> The river goes up and down, but doesn't quite do a decent flood. I just
> wish the weather would either be winter or summer, not both in the
> same day.
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