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> I spend a lot of time with my granddaughters and their classmates. (At least three of Anna's friends also call me Granddaddy.)
> I keep hearing about how too many children are obese. I don't see it. The most I could say is that one or two might be slightly pudgy and that not by much.
> BMI was never meant to be applied to individuals and definitely not to children.
> The idea that only heavy children become heavy adults is wrong. I am fat. When I enlisted in the USAF, I weighed 113 pounds.  One of the problems I have in keeping my weight were it should be is that BMI says that it should be more than 20 pounds less than I do. I get discouraged.

You do not want my rant on BMI.

Preemies, and low-birth-weight babies esp. <5 lbs/2.25kg are often heavy later in life. This is true of my sister and me. Before her stroke, our tiny mother only weighed more than 85lbs if she was in third trimester pregnancy, when she maxed out at 92.

I have heard if pediatricians telling parents their 2yr old was too heavy, when the well-balanced diet was low in sugar and excess fats. 

I have heard the other end, where a parent of a slender but not stick-thin child, with two shorter parents, was threatened with action if the child didn’t gain a certain amount of weight.

I was downright scrawny as a child. My sister looked like a healthy German child—big frame, but by the time she was 7, she was being hounded about her weight. We have builds from different sides of the family. She’s got an operatic build, I have a dancer’s build. Now with more weight, but hey!

Make sure the food is nourishing, that the kids can play outdoors or be otherwise active, and give them healthy examples. Hounding them over a couple of pounds is a road to disaster.

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