[LMB] OT: Parallel parking

Damien Sullivan phoenix at mindstalk.net
Sun Dec 19 16:53:23 GMT 2021

On Sun, Dec 19, 2021 at 08:01:03AM -0700, Howard Brazee wrote:

> That seems odd to me.   The driving test should be to make sure the licensed driver is safe on the road.   I don’t see it as being dangerous for someone used to driving an automatic car to drive a car with a manual transmission.    

Someone untrained on manual transmission can't really drive it at all,
let alone safely.  Test would make sure that someone can drive manual
while being in traffic and such, and isn't just running on a few clutch
lessons in a parking lot.

> A few hybrid cars have conventional transmissions, some have automatic

says the only manual hybrids are "mild hybrids", that can't run on
electric power alone, but just use an electric assist.

> expect the increase in. “Automatic” vehicles isn’t for the most part,
> old-style automatic transmission cars, but is mostly hybrid cars.

Hmm, you might be right!
'Automatics' outsold manual for the first time in UK this year, and the
top five automatics are all hybrids.  Doesn't mean hybrids are the
majority of automatics -- there might be a few hybrid models and many
automatic ICEs.

It also says

"Countries where premium cars take more sales ditched manuals long ago.
In Luxembourg, for instance, 90% of cars sold in 2018 were automatic,
according to the ICCT, while in Switzerland it was 74% and in Sweden

says in 2020 hybrids/EVs were expected to be 17% of car sales, which
suggests ICE automatics were still the majority of automatics, by a good

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