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Back in the day my high-school offered a semester of driving classes. It
even had car simulators and a couple of cars. Unfortunately, I've heard the
driving class was canceled a few years after I graduated.

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> On 16/12/2021 12:15, Gwynne Powell wrote:
> > Gwynne: I had a few lessons from a driving school before I got my
> > licence - but they do tend to grab the dash and scream a lot. Before
> > that, Dad was teaching me.
> When I was learning to drive in Yugoslavia, the instructors had a
> program they had to cover and it took them 20-30 hours per (normal)
> student - the authorities had no interest in making passing the driving
> test easy. It was intentionally difficult and expensive.
> They instructors didn't have to grab the dash, because they had a
> parallel set of brakes and clutch installed in the passenger seat of the
> driving school car.
> My instructor liked to get me chatting, then ask me a question just
> before a stop sign (to distract me), and then slam the brakes as soon as
> I drove past it.
> It was annoying at the time, but it taught me how to listen and respond
> to people talking to me, while keeping my eyes on the road and making
> driving my first priority. It's not difficult, once you know how do it,
> it's like riding a bike.
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