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Tue Dec 21 15:37:45 GMT 2021

Reports Beatrice Otter, of WorldCon:

 >{A sub-set of Fans]  got organized and decided they wanted ...
 > They got enough people to buy memberships and vote to get that

Which is totally unlike setting forth a "slate" and so is totally ok!
In canon we see a number of illustrations of the problems
associated with voting as a social tool for establishing "best
outcomes". First, chronologically, is of course the crew of
the _Rene Magritte_ taking a vote to mutiny against Captain
Naismith's explicit orders to run away.   How would you like
to be among the crew members voting in the minority, there?

We have the example in Chalion of an, apparently financially-
corrupted, vote to establish DyJornals in charge of both the military
orders of Son and Daughter.  Against all "norms", in any case.

The case of most personal interest to me is the camp council
voting on Dag and Fawn's marriage.  We're shown the social
pressure on those "swing voters" in the middle of a public
ballot on a yet-to-be-decided issue - pressure to go along
rather than to actually consider. A nice illustration of the
utility of secret ballots, I think.

Any others?

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