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Part of me approves the Idea of China hosting Worldcon after all it's
called WORLDcon and Chinese fans have contributed greatly to the genre. My
concern is how will the Chinese Government behave. Will it crack down, and
censor writers and books it doesn't approve of? How about movies, I know
that "Shang Chi  and the Legend of the Ten Rings" had been banned.
It will be interesting to see what President Xi Jingping will do when the
81st Worldcon opens the door. Will he crackdown on the convention or will
he ignore it.

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> > Reports Beatrice Otter, of WorldCon:
> >
> >  >{A sub-set of Fans]  got organized and decided they wanted ...
> >  > They got enough people to buy memberships and vote to get that
> >
> > Which is totally unlike setting forth a "slate" and so is totally ok!
> >
> > In canon we see a number of illustrations of the problems
> > associated with voting as a social tool for establishing "best
> > outcomes". First, chronologically, is of course the crew of
> > the _Rene Magritte_ taking a vote to mutiny against Captain
> > Naismith's explicit orders to run away.   How would you like
> > to be among the crew members voting in the minority, there?
> >
> See also, Steady Freddy : I Didn't Vote For Him.
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