[LMB] Stupid drug names.

Joel Polowin jpolowin at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 22 01:52:37 GMT 2021

WILLIAM A WENRICH (wawenri at msn.com) wrote:
> The latest from the White House is that three layer cloth masks are
> useless and we have to change to N95 forever.


There are unquestionably more effective masks than the easily-obtained
multi-layer cloth ones.  It is preposterous to claim that they are
"useless".  You should know better than to believe this kind of thing.
I assume that it's from your usual "sources".  I'd like to think that
at some point you will wise up and stop swallowing the BS that they're
spoon-feeding you.  Or at least that you will stop regurgitating
it here.


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