[LMB] Stupid drug names.

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I apologize, I heard it on the radio connected with a quote from the White House and I assumed that it was as a signal quote. I should have said “government source”. That was my mistake.

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> It was a direct quote from a White House spokesperson.

> WILLIAM A WENRICH (wawenri at msn.com) wrote:
> > The latest from the White House is that three layer cloth masks are
> > useless and we have to change to N95 forever.

The closest match I can find to quote this is CNN's medical analyst, Dr
Leana Wen:

"First, wear a high-quality mask. Cloth masks are little more than facial
decorations and should not be considered an acceptable form of face
covering. The United States should follow Germany's example in requiring
medical-grade surgical masks to be worn in crowded indoor spaces. On trains
and planes, N95 or KN95 respirator masks should be the norm, as they are in


A CNN medical analyst is not a White House speaker.

The next-best match is Dr Fauci, regarding isolation for people who have
received a positive Covid-19 test:
“At least considered, no decisions yet, about the possibility of if you do
have someone who’s infected, rather than keeping them out for seven to 10
days, if they are without symptoms, put an N95 mask on them, make sure they
have the proper PPE, and they might be able to get back to work sooner than
the full length of the quarantine period,”

Every other statement I could find from White House sources just spoke of
masks in general, or spoke of sending 500 million fast tests to everyone.
Other than that, a mask-making company offered to make lots of N95's so
Americans could get them more easily.

That said:

It is nonetheless true that Omicron spreads more easily than the previous
variants (as we can see from how rapidly and completely it has overthrown
Delta across the world in just a few weeks), and it is likely that an
upgrade of masks to N95 is a good idea. I would rather not see our medical
system even more overwhelmed than it is already getting to be.
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