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Thu Dec 23 04:13:12 GMT 2021

Howard Brazee suggests:

 >When people vote for other reasons than for what they think is
 >best, we have problems.

In general politics,  "the best" is an individual concept,
while the community must make do with "tolerable".  It's not
unlike Caz's observation about judges at courts.  Half the
people who arrive at court, leave it disappointed. Even a
lunch menu -- in the marketplace I can buy a burger and you
can buy a taco and we both get our personal "best"; when
the public school cafeteria is planning the day's menu for
the hundreds, it will be rare that any of us gets what we
prefer as "best". It's why minimizing the scope of issues
to be decided by vote is desirable.

We have Miles orchestrating the vote among Counts in the
questions regarding Dono and Rene. Setting aside Lady
Alys's contributions, the techniques Miles lays out
demonstrate what we in my peculiar jurisdiction and jargon
call "log rolling".  I will vote with DONO not because
I think Dono best, but in exchange for your vote and
preference regarding RENE. The color-coded overlay shows
where we have voters solidly "against us" on two issues,
already solid "for us", and the group with divided opinions
who must be lobbied to flip. Trading votes on separate
issues makes it obvious but more often the less obvious
tactic is to roll up several issues into one omnibus
vehicle. Imagine the "Feed Orphans, Paint Flagpoles, and Outlaw
Pornography" Act: FOPFOP. A voter indifferent to parts
of the package may even so find those provisions tolerable,
to be favorably voted out along with the one desired
best intention. But yes, voting in favor of all the other,
"not the best" stuff does tend to accumulate awfulness.

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