[LMB] Birthday Tixie for December 22

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 23 06:36:51 GMT 2021

The Tixie was a bit under the weather yesterday, and mostly slept through two important birthdays! So, with profuse apologies, she'll distribute those simple gifts. 

Shawn Crommett gets a mug from Glassforge! The guy in the potter's shed laughed and laughed when I asked to buy his mug. "Well, you tell him you went all the way to Glassforge, and bought him a pottery cup! I'm sure he'll appreciate it's not the TYPICAL gift from Glassforge!" Well, I hope Shawn gets a laugh out of it . . . the simplest of pleasures, but a very nice one, is a good giggle. And it's a nice mug . . . just the right weight, just the right fit for Shawn's hands, and it keeps his soothing beverages at just the right temperature. 

And Alex Kwan also gets a mug, but this one is a bit more disreputable. The grumpy old guy overseeing the scribes in the Martinsbridge Library did NOT laugh and laugh when I offered to buy his mug. He fiercely shushed me, and turned his back. 

Shouldn't have turned his back. I stole the darn thing and replaced it with my favorite travel cup . . . so I guess it's not quite stealing. I washed his cup well, and was charmed to see an inscription in the glaze in Darthacan, but my Darthacan is very rusty. Maybe you can ask Penric and let us know what your cup says, if you have the time and inclination. I'm sure it's something inspirational!

Hoping your days were full of simple pleasures and lovely treats! 

The Birthday Tixie

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