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> concern is how will the Chinese Government behave. Will it crack down, and
> censor writers and books it doesn't approve of? How about movies, I know

Well, I don’t know how they’ll react when a work they disapprove of is nominated, but the municipal government to the provincial government sounded really excited about it. Even the national state media reported on it.

little Alex

Micki writes: One of the things I've always loved about Science Fiction is the underlying idea that all people are created equal, and one can rise above stereotypes of nationality, ability and gender. The old-timey guys that my dad read often expressed these ideas (although they didn't always live these ideals, and often couldn't quite get their characters to live the ideals either). But as a kid, my imagination was much better at filling in those gaps. 

There's a rich fantasy fiction associated with Chinese literature (check out the ghost stories, for example), and Chinese writers (both mainland and diaspora) have been doing very interesting things in science fiction and fantasy. 

The main problem is that foreign visitors to China will have to be extremely sensitive to the culture and pay attention to the organizers. Some people won't be able to attend in China, and it'll be a loss . . . but Chengdu is only one year. There will be other years. 

Someone on my Twitter also pointed out that if you think about it, the US isn't exactly the best place to hold a "world" convention, either. Some writers can't go; getting visas can be costly and a real hassle from some countries. 

I went to the convention in Yokohama and the one in Denver. Both were really enriching experiences for me. (-: I did a lot more translating and interpreting for the Yokohama one, and of course, since I live in Japan, it was easier to get to the Yokohama one.

I think the Chengdu convention could be a great experience for many people, even with the restrictions. I mean, they are fans. Ideally, at a World Con, you are going to be a fan first. I'd love to know more about what the people in Chengdu are doing with the genre(s). 


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