[LMB] Stupid drug names.

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 24 13:52:42 GMT 2021

From: Joel Polowin <jpolowin at hotmail.com>

WILLIAM A WENRICH (wawenri at msn.com) wrote:
> The latest from the White House is that three layer cloth masks are
> useless and we have to change to N95 forever.

There are unquestionably more effective masks than the easily-obtained
multi-layer cloth ones.  It is preposterous to claim that they are
"useless".  You should know better than to believe this kind of thing.
I assume that it's from your usual "sources".  I'd like to think that
at some point you will wise up and stop swallowing the BS that they're
spoon-feeding you.  Or at least that you will stop regurgitating
it here.

Gwynne: Beatrice engaged with the content of the post, and gave some accurate
information, well sourced. She did it with grace, and politeness. That's part of the
general expectations for all who post on the board. Engaging in personal abuse
just leads us back to the flame wars again. Perhaps we can keep discussions on an
even keel, and keep some perspective as well.

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