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> Merry Christmas all who celebrate the season. We have 43 C forecast for
> Christmas Day and 44 C for Boxing Day. What Joy!
> That’s approx 109 and 111 F, for those using the old money.
> Once it’s that hot a few more degrees don’t make a lot of difference.

The temperature here is -21C (about 7 Below in F) and the wind chill will make it feel like -29. it's going down all day. Forecast high for Christmas Day is -24C, and Boxing Day -26C. Monday the 27th will be -28C and all that comes with overnight lows in the -30s. 

Once it's that cold a few more degrees don't make a lot of difference LOL.

I wish you all Seasonal Joy in the Religious or Secular Tradition of Your Choice 
and all the best in life and books for 2022!


Jane Starr

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