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This is excellent news, and very good research as well. Thanks for the update, and best wishes for Brian.
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I think that many of the people on this list don't understand what I have intended in my posts. That is my fault, I need to explain myself better.
I have gotten my booster shot (Pfizer). Since I had GBS I was told by the neurologist and nurses at the hospital, the physical therapist and nurses at the rehab center, a doctor and nurses who are relatives, and my primary care physician not to get shots for influenza, I hesitated to be vaccinated.
I researched (on the web but multiple sites) and decided that the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines were likely enough different from the influenza vaccine that I was relatively safe. When it came to the booster, I saw an article from the CDC that said that there was no difference between the three shots, so I hesitated again and researched and found several articles that said exactly what I had reasoned before, that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were enough different from the Johnson & Johnson to be relatively safe for people who have had GBS, so I got the booster.
Brian is fine, he got the infusion of monoclonal antibodies and recovered quickly. He has had two negative tests. I think that I mentioned before that I had two negative tests as well since I was exposed to him. We were moving furniture.
I think that I will end here.

William A Wenrich

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