[LMB] Stupid drug names.

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Okay. Even so.
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   I believe you've misread the attributions. William's text is prefixed
with the >. The "Poppycock" quote belongs to Joel.

David Bowen

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> Okay. Now I get the context, the original post not having hit my inbox at
> all.
> Data point: My daughter is an MD and she gave me a KN-95 mask and told me
> to start wearing it, because cloth masks didn't cut it.
> William: Starting a reply with "poppycock" sounds belligerent and would
> probably earn you a reprimand in a formal debate. I believe the accepted
> form is "I disagree."
> There is already so much rudeness in the world now, that good manners
> would be a ray of light in the smog.
> ________________________________
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> WILLIAM A WENRICH (wawenri at msn.com) wrote:
> > The latest from the White House is that three layer cloth masks are
> > useless and we have to change to N95 forever.
> Poppycock.
> ...
> Joel
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