[LMB] OT: Streaming Services

Howard J Brazee howard at brazee.net
Sat Dec 25 15:35:37 GMT 2021

Back in the day, 3 channels meant I couldn’t watch everything.   Now there are hundreds of channels.  But 60 years ago, I knew most of the TV shows and popular culture.   Now I am ignorant about both.

I also liked it when I could pretty much keep up with all of the SF that was published.   Now I can’t.   So I don’t try.   There are a handful of authors that I stay caught up with, a bunch on my back burner, and legions that I haven’t gotten around to noticing.

Maybe the kids know where all of the shows are, but my wife only looks at a few channels on the cable box and doesn’t get around to checking what are on the streaming channels.  

Some people seem to watch all of the weekend football games, or all of the local team’s games in sports that have a hundred games.   I don’t know where they get the time.

But life is that way.   We can’t experience all the things we want.   Reality is big.

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