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Sat Dec 25 17:00:40 GMT 2021


> On Dec 25, 2021, at 09:41, WILLIAM A WENRICH <wawenri at msn.com> wrote:
> Since the shutdowns, streaming services have become of prime importance. It has become increasingly difficult to find content. This is especially true if you prefer not to pay per view fees. Some of this was happening even earlier. An example was Star Trek: Discovery. I watched the first couple of episodes on broadcast TV. It then switched to the CBS streaming. I really didn't like it that much and I wasn't going to pay to watch it.

It’s now on Paramount+, actually. But you can pay extra to watch it on Amazon. I want it on broadcast, too.

> I currently subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, and Hulu. I also have an unused subscription to ESPN but I watch very little sports these days.

I’m subbed to Netflix, HBOMaxm, Amazone Prime and I have a couple of channels, both broadcast and cable, through my internet/cable provider.

> More and more things are available only on particular services. I used to watch Dr. Who on our local PBS station, then on Netflix, now it seems to only be available as a pay per view or Britbox

I watch it on BBCAmerica, through that internet provider. Well, actually I haven’t watched it yet. I was waiting for the new season to finish.

> I read an article recently that said people were reaching their limit on how many services they were willing to subscribe to. That seems to be true in my case. What is the sense of the list?

Yeah, I don’t feel like I’m using that many streaming services, but they do add up…

little Alex

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