[LMB] OT: Merry Chritmas in lights

alayne at twobikes.ottawa.on.ca alayne at twobikes.ottawa.on.ca
Sat Dec 25 21:42:23 GMT 2021

It's a "thing" up here in Canada to go all out decorating the outside 
of your house with Christmas lights -- and projections, and inflatable 
figures, and cut-outs and spotlights, and music and just about anything 
else you can think of to celebrate.

Most people just put up a few strings of lights, but there are places that 
go way above that. On Christmas Eve this year, my spouse and I took the 
bus out to the eastern suburbs of Ottawa to a little street called Taffy 
Lane, off Sugar Creek Way (no, I am not making these names up -- sooner or 
later developers run out of obvious street names).

Almost every house on those streets was decorated -- and not just 
decorated but decorated to the max. The wattage was extreme. Relatively 
few religious pieces -- we saw one nativity scene and a few crosses -- 
more Santa's and Grinch's and stars and lots of inventive combinations. I 
particularly liked the deer crossing sign outlined in lights - so 
Canadian, the 20-foot evergreen on a nearby street crisscrossed over 
its entire height with lights, and the rustic cabin and trees made out of 
scrap wood decorated with lights.

But it was the total effect of this ridiculous but cheery extravagance of 
lights that had one gasping, the individual inventiveness, and 
over-the-top-ness. My husband made lots of photos.

We took the LRT and bus to get there (it's free in Ottawa this month for 
reasons) and just walked around enjoying the effect, as did a bunch of 
others. But even weirder was the number of cars: at 9 p.m. on an evening 
that's normally really quiet, it was literally a total traffic jam on 
Taffy Lane, and all the streets leading up to it. Level of service E. I 
don't think you could get the same impact from inside a car especially 
stuck in traffic, but I guess others enjoyed it.

This is a CBC video showing similar lights, though I don't think anything 
from Taffy Lane:


Alayne McGregor
alayne at twobikes.ottawa.on.ca

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