[LMB] The Untamed was OT: BBC Ghosts, was: Merry Christmas! To all and everyone!

Lois Bujold lbujold at myinfmail.com
Sun Dec 26 15:58:49 GMT 2021

If we're speaking of streaming recs, may I strongly recommend /The 
Untamed/, to be found on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Rakuten Viki, and 
YouTube streaming:

Some heavy sledding at the beginning due to structure: it starts with a 
16-year flashback/flashforward to the mid-story crisis, jumps to a few 
episodes in what will ultimately be story-present, then to a very long 
flashback, 30+ episodes, of How We Got To the opening, then back to 
story-present for about the last 17 episodes.  It made the suspense work 
very interestingly; rather than, "What happens next?" the question was 
"How the hell does that all happen?  And who /are/ all these people, 
anyway?" All -- eventually -- answered in what I felt was a satisfactory 
way.   Largely shown rather than told, so one must sometimes tread water 
till it all slots in, nothing new to genre readers.  It's a very slow 
build, but it never stops.

/Gorgeous/ costuming and sets (and actors), some wonderful acting -- 
some of those actors really /sold/ their often over-the-top characters.  
Sort of Chinese historical-ish fantasy crossed with Jacobean revenge 
drama, though that may be a redundancy.  Magic flying swords.  Ghosts.  
Curses.  Magic flutes and harps.  Talismans drawn in blood.  Return from 
the dead. Chinese zombies.  Strange monsters from the deep, and the air. 
Skullduggery at the crossroads.  (Also skulls.)  Family drama. Tragedy.  
Comedy.  Love.  Betrayal (lots also.)  Revenge in both morphs, stupid 
and /superb/.  Taoist/Confucian magic school... the list goes on.  
Probably best to watch, say, the first three episodes to get the mode of 
the thing, if you can find it, as it's kinda indescribable.

Ta, L.

Karen W. :  I've seen trailers for "Ghosts," which I think may be on 
broadcast TV here, and thought of trying it. Thanks for the recommendation!

Micki: Speaking of Anglophilia, I got the third season of BBC's Ghosts 
on Christmas Eve! It was a present from me. Took about three weeks to 
get to Japan, but that's OK. I have it now. The first season is on 
Amazon Prime (the only streaming service in the family). I don't have 
much time to watch TV, but I've really enjoyed some of the offerings of 
Prime. It can be hard to find stuff there, though.

But anyway, back to Ghosts -- it's a very clever show with ghosts from 
various eras sharing a country manor that is inherited by a young 
couple. Great history, great personalities, great conflicts. It rings a 
lot of my bells. I would love to see the other shows by the same team 
(Yonderland, Horrible Histories) but . . . not on Amazon last I looked, 
and the DVDs are sold out.

Has anyone else seen it?

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