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Yes I have, and also Horrible Histories, which is a children's tv programme, concentrating on all the gory and gross bits that school usually tries to gloss over.  As a result, the kids like it;  and since it's also pretty accurate as far as it goes, the teachers appreciAte it too.

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I've seen trailers for "Ghosts," which I think may be on broadcast TV here, and thought of trying it. Thanks for the recommendation!
Karen A. Wyle
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Speaking of Anglophilia, I got the third season of BBC's Ghosts on Christmas Eve! It was a present from me. Took about three weeks to get to Japan, but that's OK. I have it now. The first season is on Amazon Prime (the only streaming service in the family). I don't have much time to watch TV, but I've really enjoyed some of the offerings of Prime. It can be hard to find stuff there, though.

But anyway, back to Ghosts -- it's a very clever show with ghosts from various eras sharing a country manor that is inherited by a young couple. Great history, great personalities, great conflicts. It rings a lot of my bells. I would love to see the other shows by the same team (Yonderland, Horrible Histories) but . . . not on Amazon last I looked, and the DVDs are sold out.

Has anyone else seen it?


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