[LMB] Birthday Tixie for December 26 (M. Haller Yamada)

Nicholas David Rosen ndrosen at erols.com
Mon Dec 27 00:47:47 GMT 2021

Dear listsibs,

> From: "M. Haller Yamada" <thefabmadamem at yahoo.com>

> Today is Boxing Day in some sections of Old Earth and other corners of the universe, so today's simple gift for Nicholas Rosen is a box. But, it's not just any box! I picked it up off the dock section during my layover in Komarr, but it's of Betan origin, so it's a very clever box. Built to withstand the bumps and lumps of wormhole shipholds, it's still very light and flexible. It can easily be folded down to the size of an eyeglasses case, or folded out large enough that a human can crawl inside. And when you are done with it, you wash it and boil it to make a nutritious and tasty soup!?
> Hope your day was marvelous, and you got some extra surprises that were especially nice!
> The Birthday Tixie

Thank you, Mickie, and that sounds like a most excellent Box.  I haven’t been active on the list lately, but I still get the digests, and I still read the writings of the great LMB, most recently “Knot of Shadows.”  

I remember when the Tixie of the time marked my thirty-ninth birthday (in 2003), and said that it was not a euphemism; I really was turning thirty-nine.  I remember reading early list postings in green letters on an old-fashioned screen; although I was not one of the very first listees, I did get involved early, so I have spent nearly half of my life (with occasional interruptions) on the Bujold list.

May the list and its Tixies live on, as may the Author.  Write, Lois, write!

Best Regards,
Nicholas David Rosen
ndrosen at erols.com

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