[LMB] Voting

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Tue Dec 28 20:02:59 GMT 2021

> On Dec 28, 2021, at 11:14 AM, Pouncer via Lois-Bujold <lois-bujold at lists.herald.co.uk <mailto:lois-bujold at lists.herald.co.uk>> wrote:
> One idea is for current musicians to nominate new
> or replacement members of the orchestra.  The idea is
> that the community of performers knows people, and
> knows people who also know people.  Call it nepotism
> if you like, or the "good ol' boy network". But on-
> boarding a new person who already knows the other
> players, knows the in-jokes and the sorts of music
> and techniques commonly used, allows the whole
> group to more quickly perform as a team, an
> organic whole.  This produces the best music. Maybe.

Part of this issue is deciding what is best for the orchestra or for society.    People pick different winners depending whether they see the performers or not.   Is “the good old boy network” harmful to society, but not harmful to the orchestra?   If so, who should win?

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