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Wed Dec 29 17:07:15 GMT 2021

Wow, what a lot of long-term marriages on the list!  I thought we were pretty impressive, hitting 30 years this summer, but there are some hereabouts who blow us clean out of the water!  Also a fascinating demographic in recent messages of the wife being older than the husband.  Like many, we met in college, started dating at 23, & got married at 27.
One thing I can say for sure, being on this list the last 20+ years has definitely made our marriage even better.  We've gotten to meet and enjoy lots of very fun and groovy people.  If nothing else, we always have something to talk about, an important foundation.
So, thank you, list for 20+ years of fun and friendship.  Thank you, Michael Bernardi, for getting out of your comfort zone [hiding behind the door] and seeking Lois out for permission to start the list.  Thank you, Lois McMaster Bujold, for giving him permission to do it and sticking with us all these years.  People and controversies come and go, but curiosity, friendship, and goodwill are the foundations on which we build.
Yay, us!

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