[LMB] OT: False Positives

Agnes Charrel-Berthillier agnes at charrel.net
Fri Dec 31 00:12:24 GMT 2021

On 12/30/21 08:50, WILLIAM A WENRICH wrote:

> I hate to comment on this but it may be important. A representative of the CDC has stated that the PRC test has “a large number of positives when the actual virus count is too low for infection.
> For the record this comes from several sources including ABC news.

Come on, you love to comment on all that stuff on the list. If you hated 
it you would be doing a whole lot less of it.

On the actual tidbit of the day (and it is PCR)... Duh?


Note the date (16 months ago). TL;DR also the reason why people who have 
been infected with COVID come out of isolation after a certain 
combination of time + resolution of symptoms rather than a negative test.

This is one of the reasons (speed is the other) why right now rapid 
(antigen) tests are recommended for prevention (vs. diagnosis). For a 
discussion of testing strategies to minimize infections, see this more 
recent opinion piece (from a doc/public health person) about current 
policies in the UK and suggested adjustments:


But then every time scientists/doctors try to adjust public health 
recommendations they get accused of not knowing what they do, misleading 
the public, confusing the public...

The latest comprehensive piece on practical testing strategies for the 
4th (? 5th?) wave. YMMV with testing availability at your geographical 


Agnes, trying to control her doomscrolling habit, which the daily 
William worry piece is *not* helping. Thanks for offloading your mental 
health care on us, I guess?

PS: if some of the links are paywalled let me know and I will send a 
guest link.

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