[LMB] OT: False Positives

WalterStuartBushell proto at panix.com
Fri Dec 31 11:45:52 GMT 2021

> On Dec 30, 2021, at 7:12 PM, Agnes Charrel-Berthillier <agnes at charrel.net> wrote:
> But then every time scientists/doctors try to adjust public health recommendations they get accused of not knowing what they do, misleading the public, confusing the public...
> The latest comprehensive piece on practical testing strategies for the 4th (? 5th?) wave. YMMV with testing availability at your geographical location.

They change because they are trying to follow the science and give the best advice based on what is known at the time.

I wish nutritional  advice tracked the science, but there is just too much money involved for the 
manufactures of industrially quasi food like substances. For example, salt in the American diet
comes mainly from processed foods which are loaded with sugar (or HFCS). Salt in solution contains
sodium and chloride ions which are both necessary for human life. Sugar and fructose in particular
is unnecessary for human life and is a dose dependent toxin. IOW the human body can handle some,
without obvious problems, usually.
“That which doesn’t make us stronger kills us.”

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