[LMB] Emmy Noether OT:

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Fri Dec 31 12:03:38 GMT 2021

 She was the most eminent mathematician of the 20th century, despite women being 
almost completely banned from learning higher mathematics. Despite the politics of 
mathematicians which contain much penis waving contests, her social position made
it possible for her to persist. She did it not for fame or glory but because she wanted 
to do mathematics. Fleeing Germany for America during the great unpleasantness there
for Jewish people she found employment in a small woman’s college.

Considered minor by mathematicians he proof that every symmetry implied a conservation
law and conversely this insight has been major in physics. For example, the theory of Supersymmetry
has been major and physicist have been search for symmetry and conservation laws.

For more information consult Wikipedia and more authoritative sources.

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