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I wrote a lot, including:

 >>... if Lady Sissy were to marry another VorName young man
 >>she would become, I think, Madame VorName.  But if the
 >>Brit rules apply Lady Sissy could marry Minister Doctor
 >>Captain Mister SYMTHE, and remain styled as Lady Sissy...

Gwynne replies:

 >So if Alys marries Simon she'd still be Lady Alys?

Well, that depends.

The wife of Prince Xav's grandson Lord Padma Vorpatril
was styled as Lady Vorpatril. With the death of Padma
the title of Lord Vorpatril passes to her son, styled
as Lord Ivan Vorpatril. Alys, though, remained Lady
Vorpatril.  Until ...   With Ivan's marriage, there
was mention of Alys passing on the note paper and calling
cards embossed "Lady Vorpatril" to Tej, leaving Alys
as the DOWAGER Lady Vorpatril. This was a title Ivan
felt Alys was less than eager to embrace, but Alys,
(politely, of course) suggested Ivan erred in that

As Ivan coaches his bride, there is a little slack in
the system for family, friends, and gossip columnists.
To distinguish between Alys, and each of Falco's daughters
and daughters-in-law (if any).  The Lady Vorpatril via
Padma might be informally addressed and referred to as
"Lady Alys".  The other Ladies Vorpatril might similarly
be referred to as The Count's as yet unmarried Daughter
"Lady Betty" (or whatever) and the Count's Heir's Bride
"Lady Cathy" and even Count Falco's "Spare" son's, (Lord
Dennis?) bride as "Lady Diane". I think Lady B and Lady C
would be more properly styled "Lady Vorpatril" but I'm not
sure.  I'm pretty sure though that Lady D (Sayer's
_Busman's Honeymoon, here:)  is properly Lady DENNIS, bride
of Lord Dennis. Which all worked just FINE, damgumit, until
Lady Donna came home as Lord Dono.

Coming back to Alys's styling after a marriage to Captain
Illyan, I suppose it depends on whether she had some claim
to the honorific "Lady" before her wedding to Padma.  If the
daughter or even grand daughter of a count was betrothed to
the grandson of a Prince, her society rank or precedence of
seating at table might change, but her informal title might not.
Or the birthright title of "Lady Alys" might persist, or
revert, after she surrenders the title of "Lady Vorpatril" to
Tej and/or marries again to anyone without a title of his

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