[LMB] OT: IQ Tests

Matthew George matt.msg at gmail.com
Fri Jul 2 00:26:29 BST 2021

'Bias' is now the term used to describe a result of testing that the
speaker doesn't like.  If a neutral observer detects a pattern in data,
either that pattern is genuine or spurious.  But if a person is not willing
to consider the idea that the pattern might truly exist, it must have been
introduced, and so the witchhunt begins.

There are all sorts of findings that have been cross-verified and
demonstrated far beyond reasonable doubt, but they're unpalatable, so
either they're denied or handwaved away.  Meanwhile, the shoddiest research
and least supported experimental results that vanish whenever people try to
independently confirm their existence?  As long as they support a desired
narrative, they'll be reported across the world and used to justify policy

Matt "it was ever thus, but it's gotten worse lately" G.

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