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I suspect that it must be the use of the powers that extends the lifespan,
otherwise unknowing mixed bloods would live longer than Farmers and we have
no evidence of that.

On Sun, Jul 4, 2021 at 8:16 AM Gwynne Powell <gwynnepowell at hotmail.com>

> Just a few speculations (I accidently fell into Knife Children, and I have
> a few stray thoughts...)
> Lakewalkers have an average lifespan roughly twice that of farmers.
> And it's not just that farmers have a harder life (they don't), because
> lakewalkers definitely age, physically, more slowly - an adult Lakewalker
> seems to look years younger than their real age: Dag is in his mid-fifties
> at the beginning of the saga, but looks more than a decade younger.
> But children, farmer and Lakewalker, seem to age at the same rate.
> We see several half-Lakewalkers in the books, and there's no suggestion
> that they look any different to farmer children. Barr's daughter certainly
> ages at the same speed as the farmer children around her, and he expects
> that she'll pass as a farmer all her life.
> But that means that she'll have roughly the same lifespan, too.
> So it seems that farmers and Lakewalkers age at the same rate until
> Lakewalker powers come in at puberty, then Lakewalkers start to age
> more slowly.
> But a half-Lakewalker who doesn't have the powers will live as a farmer,
> and nobody will ever know.
> So is it the powers? Or is it something else?
> Do plunkins have some amazing ability to extend lifespan? Were they
> developed by the old mages to make themselves or their servants live
>  longer?
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