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> Today we send birthday wishes to Kirsten Edwards!
> Kirsten, we hope you have a wonderful birthday.
> And today, to help you celebrate, you will wake to find that you're gently
> rocking,
> in a flatboat on the river.
> In the main cabin you'll find Fern and Dag, with Whit and Berry. This is
> the test
> run of their new flatboat, just a smooth ride down the river specially for
> you.
> After a hearty breakfast you sit on the deck and watch the scenery. The
> woods
> give way to neat farms; you wave at the farming families as they are busy
> reaping and harvesting.
> And then you see the long line of horses as you pass a patrol, riding
> beside the
> river. Berry stops the boat while Dag chats with the patrol, catching up
> on news.
> You notice a few farmers riding with the Lakewalkers, too. Times are
> changing,
> little by little.
> Fern chats with you for a while, showing you her precious notebooks, full
> of
> careful drawings of plants, and recipes for all manner of healing
> draughts. Whit
> has been fishing - with some help from Dag - and for lunch you have
> amazing,
> freshly caught and cooked fish fillets, with crunchy potatoes roasted in
> duck fat,
> and an enticing collection of vegetables from Fern's gardens.
> You stop at a small town beside a ferry, and spend some time listening to
> the
> fiddle music from an energetic busker. There's a bustle of people around
> the
> ferry, a mixture of town folk, farmers and Lakewalkers all together.
> There's
> interesting items in the stalls around the market-place, you browse for a
> while
> and find some lovely scented oils, beautiful cloth and a delicate glass
> bowl -
> all of them find their way to the boat, as part of your special birthday
> treat.
> You all have a lazy afternoon, drifting along, listening to the birds and
> watching
> the people along the banks, and the changes from woods to farms, back to
> woods again, with shy animals and glowing flowers along the way.
> Then the boat is run up to a shallow part of the bank, and you all go
> ashore to
> make a large bonfire. Sumac and Arkady are waiting, with horses for you all
> to ride back home again. Whit has sold this boat to a boat boss and crew
> who
> are waiting on the bank; there's a second boat back at the farm that Whit
> will
> be taking down the river - they've been working hard.
> Another patrol arrives, led by Barr. They soon strike up the music, and
> dancers
> are whirling around the fire. Something is roasting on the fire, plates of
> food
> appear - fruit and vegetables collected along the way. Damper is cooking in
> the ashes of the fire.
> The singing and dancing go on into the night, and then the stories
> start....
> Have a wonderful birthay, Kirsten!
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